NGO in Gajapati, Odisha – 29+ NGO’s List

Find the most comprehensive list of NGO in Gajapati, situated in Odisha. Gajapati has a 575880 population and an area 3056 km², There are more than 29+ registered NGO’s in Gajapati, Odisha, India. All the NGO’s here in this list are Registered in Odisha. If you find any false information in this list, please report us with NGO details. Also, If you’re a NGO worker, than you can list your NGO in Gajapati list by filling the form by at

List of NGO in Gajapati, Odisha

Centre For Community Development

Registration No & City: Gjm 1728-274/1991-92, Paralakhemundi
Address:Near Check Post, Pathapatnam Road Sridhar Nagar, Lane-1 Paralakhemundi, Gajapati District Orissa Pin-761 200
Cause:Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Agriculture, Children, Differently Abled, Dalit Upliftment


Registration No & City: 27, Paralakhemunndi
Address:At / Ponamanagada Districtgajapati Viauppalada Odisha
Cause:Agriculture, Health & Family Welfare, Panchayati Raj

Soura Baptist Christian Mandali Sammilani

Registration No & City: 8445/798 Of 1974-1975, Paralakhemundi
Address:Bethani Bungalow Serango Gajapati

Immanuel Mercy Society

Registration No & City: 226/1997, Antarba
Address:At-Antaraba, Gajapati
Cause:Education & Literacy, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation

Foundation For Rural Health Education And Environment Development

Registration No & City: Gajapati Number 314/2014-2015, Mahendragada
Cause:Environment & Forests

Hope For Destitute

Registration No & City: 238 Of 1998-99, Serango
Address:Main Road Serango ,Via Gumma,Gajapati,Odisha-761207
Cause:Children, Youth Affairs

Adivasi Development Society

Registration No & City: 17, Gumma
Address:Gumma, Gajapati Gajapati-761207

Programme For Rural Awareness And Very Action

Registration No & City: 9/93-94, Paralakhemundi
Address:Prava, Komati Street, Post-Paralakhemundi, Dist-Gajapati,Pin No-761200 Odisha
Cause:Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Agriculture, Children, Drinking Water, Education & Literacy


Registration No & City: 21186/324, Paralakhemundi
Address:At-Ramswamipur( Near Forest Gate) Po-Paralakhemundi,Dist-Gajapati , State-Odisha Pin-761200
Cause:Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Aged/Elderly, Agriculture, Art & Culture, Children

Last Mile Distribution India Private Limited

Registration No & City: 37Aaccl8182F2Za, Paralakhemundi
Address:Centurion University Of Technology And Management Paralakhemundi Gajapati-761211

Bapuji Gramya Kalyana Samaja

Registration No & City: Gjm No.386-108/1983-1984, Mohana
Address:Mohana, Gajapati
Cause:Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation

National Rural Development Organisation Nrdo

Registration No & City: 4861 Of 1997-1998, Mohana
Cause:Children, Education & Literacy, Micro Finance (SHGs), Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation

Peoples Educational Action And Communal Evocation

Registration No & City: Gjm No.3483, Mohana
Address:At Mohana Po Mohana 761015
Cause:Agriculture, Education & Literacy, Health & Family Welfare, Tribal Affairs, Water Resources

Association Of Secular Initiatives For Social Humanism

Registration No & City: Gjm No 3912 Of 1995-1996, Mohana
Address:At Po Mohanadist Gajapati Odisha Pin 761015
Cause:Dalit Upliftment, Human Rights, Land Resources, Women’s Development & Empowerment

Bondas Overall Network Development Action Society

Registration No & City: 486/ 1993-1994, Mohana
Cause:Health & Family Welfare, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation

M K C G School For Blind And Deaf

Registration No & City: 05/2000-2001, Gajapati
Address:At/Po.Mohanadist: Gajapati Pin.761015 (Odisha)
Cause:Differently Abled

Society Of Heterogeneous Activities For People In Exigency

Registration No & City: 19598-30/1994-1995, Mohana
Address:Mohana, Gajapati
Cause:Education & Literacy, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation

Society For The Welfare Of Weaker Sections

Registration No & City: Gjm 574.51, Parlakhemundi
Address:Society For The Welfare Of Weaker Sections Near Dfo Office Parlakhemundi 761200 Gajapati District Orissa
Cause:Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Agriculture, Children, Differently Abled, Drinking Water


Registration No & City: Gajapati No 10 Of 2000-01, Parlakhemundi
Address:At-Srikarana Street, Po-Paralakhemundi Dist-Gajapati
Cause:Differently Abled

Jagannath Institute For Technology And Management

Registration No & City: 3/1997, Parlakhemundi
Address:Atvillage Alluri Nagar P.O.R Sitapur, Via- Uppalada Paralakhemundi Dist: Gajapatiodisha, India
Cause:Education & Literacy


Registration No & City: 15, Parlakhemundi
Address:At: Radhagovind Nagar, Opp: Bsnl Staff Quarters, Pathapatnam Road, Parlakhemundi, Gajapati, Orissa
Cause:Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation

India Gospel Outreach And Social Action

Registration No & City: 18929/12 Of 1984/85, Parlakhemundi
Address:India Gospel Outreach And Social Action, At/Po-Narayanpur, Parlakhemindi, Dist-Gajapati, Odisha,Pin-761212
Cause:Children, Education & Literacy, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Women’s Development & Empowerment

Janakalyan Pratisthan

Registration No & City: Gjm-1468-22 Of 1991-1992, Parlakhemundi
Address:Janakalyan Pratisthan Sivananda Nagarparlakhemundi Dist-Gajapati Odisha Pin-761200
Cause:Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation

Orissa Pradesh Hindi Prachar Sabha Jangam Street Parlakhemidi

Registration No & City: 85 Of 1996-1997, Parlakhemundi
Address:Hindi Bhavan,Govt. Hospital Road, Near Dola Tank, Parlakhemundi
Cause:Education & Literacy

Mahila Vikas

Registration No & City: 67 Of 1994-1995, Parlakhemundi
Address:Near D.F.O Office ,Parlakhemundi

Janakalyan Pratisthan

Registration No & City: Gjm1468-22Of1991-92, Parlakhemundi
Address:Sivananda Nagar, Opp: Indira Nagar Parlakhemundi Gajapati District Odisha-761200
Cause:Agriculture, Children, Drinking Water, Environment & Forests, Food Processing, Micro Finance (SHGs)