NGO in Kasaragod, Kerala – 64+ NGO’s List

Find the most comprehensive list of NGO in Kasaragod, situated in Kerala. Kasaragod has a 1302600 population and an area 1989 km², There are more than 64+ registered NGO’s in Kasaragod, Kerala, India. All the NGO’s here in this list are Registered in Kerala. If you find any false information in this list, please report us with NGO details. Also, If you’re a NGO worker, than you can list your NGO in Kasaragod list by filling the form by at

List of NGO in Kasaragod, Kerala

Udma Educational Trust

Registration No & City: 42/2005, Kasaragod
Address:Udma Educational Trust Alanfal P O Udma671319 Kasaragod – , Kerala
Cause:Education & Literacy

Kanhangad Muslim Orphanage Committee

Registration No & City: 273/80, Tellichery
Address:Kanhangad Muslim Orphanage Committee Near. Railway Station Kottachery, Kanhangad (Po) 671315 Kasaragod (District) , Kerala

Sree Narayana Educational And Charitable Trust

Registration No & City: 168/2014, Knhangad
Address:Sree Narayana Educational And Charitable Trust, Puthiyakotta, Kanhangad Post, , Kerala
Cause:Education & Literacy

Swami Ramdas Charitable Medical Mission

Registration No & City: 27/12A/10/Cit/Clt/99-2000, Kanhangad
Address:Ramnagar, Anandashram Po, Kanhangad, Kerala
Cause:Differently Abled, Aged/Elderly, Health & Family Welfare

North Malabar Educational And Charitable Trust

Registration No & City: 207/Iv/2008, Kanhangad
Address:1/535 Kottappara Parkalayi Road Via Anandashram, Kerala
Cause:Education & Literacy

Anandashram Trust

Registration No & City: C. No.Tech/Inst. 4/A73-74, Kanhangad
Address:Anandashram Po, Kanhangad, Kerala
Cause:Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Differently Abled, Education & Literacy, Aged/Elderly, Housing

Sevabharathi Kanhangad

Registration No & City: 464/2005, Kanhangad
Address:Sevabharathi Kanhangad Keshava Mandirdeavan Road Kanhangad, Kerala
Cause:Any Other

Mother Krishnabai Rural Development Trust

Registration No & City: Tech 27/12A/06/Cit/Clt/99-2000, Kanhangad
Address:Ramnagar, Anandashram Po, Kanhangad, Kerala
Cause:Differently Abled, Drinking Water, Education & Literacy, Aged/Elderly, Housing, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation

Peoples Association For Non Formal Education And Development In Technology

Registration No & City: 389/96, Kanhangad
Address:Pantech Suraksha(Fsw) Project City Complex Building Hosdurg, Kanhangad Pin:671315, Kerala
Cause:HIV/AIDS, Vocational Training

Nehru Arts And Science College Kanhangad

Registration No & City: 11/1966, Kanhangad
Address:P.O. Padnekat Kasaragod Dt State, Kerala
Cause:Education & Literacy

Sree Virat Viswakarma Educational & Charitable Trust

Registration No & City: 27/4/2017, Kanhangad
Address:Puyhiya Kandam, Mavungal, Kerala
Cause:Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Art & Culture, Children, Dalit Upliftment

Rotary Special School For Deferentially Able Children

Registration No & City: 208/08/2017, Kanhangad
Address:Rotary M.B.M Charitable Trust, Kunnummal, Kanhangad, Kasaragod – Dist, Pin – 671315, Kerala
Cause:Differently Abled, Education & Literacy, Vocational Training, Legal Awareness & Aid

Access Skill Foundation

Registration No & City: 10/Iv/2016, Kanhangad
Address:Access Skill Foundation, Al – Noor Complex, Gotek Road, Kanhangad, 671315, Kerala

E M S Smaraka Grandhalayam

Registration No & City: 14Hdg7366, Kanhangad
Address:Thadathil Haripuram. P. O. Anandasram Via Kasaragodpin 671531, Kerala
Cause:Education & Literacy

Vishwa Seva Educational Trust

Registration No & City: 26/Iv/2003, Kanhangad
Address:Vishwa Seva Educational Trust Vset Campus Onivayal Road, Kalpetta, Wayanad – 673121, Kerala
Cause:Education & Literacy

S N Vidya Kendra

Registration No & City: 38/1964, Kanhangad
Address:Kushal Nagar , Kanhangad, Kasaragod, Kerala

Sanathana Dharma Seva Samithi

Registration No & City: 26/98/4, Kanhangad
Address:Kottody, Kottody Post, Rajapuram Via, Kerala

Satchidananda Charitable Medical Trust

Registration No & City: Tech27/12A/20/Cit/Clt 01-02, Kanhangad
Address:Ramnagar, Anandashram Po, Kerala
Cause:Differently Abled, Health & Family Welfare

Al Wafir Education Trust

Registration No & City: Iv/98/2013, Choori
Address:Al Wafir Education Trust, Po Rd Nagar, Choori, Kasaragod 671124, Kerala

Chittarical Development Authority Trust

Registration No & City: 68/2005, Chittarikkal
Address:Chittarikkal P O, Kasaragod District, 671326, Kerala
Cause:Vocational Training, Water Resources, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Art & Culture

Desasevini Vayanasala And Grandhasala Andol

Registration No & City: 304/08, Nileshwaram
Address:Desasevini Vayanasala And Grandhasala, Andol, Karinthalam P O, Nileshwaram Via, Kasaragod Dist, Pin 671314, Kerala

Jayamatha Educational Trust

Registration No & City: 113/Iv/Sro/1998, Malom
Address:Sr. Jyothis Sabs Jayamatha Educational Trustkottekkanni , Kasaragod671121, Kerala

Shiribagilu Venkappayya Samskrithika Prathistana

Registration No & City: 06 2013, Kasaragod
Address:Shiribagilu Shiribagilu Post Kasaragod, Kerala

Eriyal Youth Cultural Centre(E.Y.C.C)

Registration No & City: 58/2001, Kasaragod
Address:Eriyal, Kudlu Po, Kasaragod. Pin – 671124, Kerala
Cause:Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Art & Culture, Children, Civic Issues

Pariyarath Kannan Nair Smaraka Grandhalayam

Registration No & City: 64/2002, Klayikode
Address:Pariyarath Kannan Nair Smaraka Grandhalayam, Aduveni, Klayikkode, Cheruvathur Via, Kasaragod Dist, Kerala
Cause:Any Other

Samatha Kala Kayika Kendram

Registration No & City: Ksr/Ca/632/2013, Kasaragod
Address:Mekkat, Madikai (Po), Nileshwar (Via), Kasaragod (Dist), , Kerala
Cause:Art & Culture

Al Bishara Islamic Education Center

Registration No & City: 2002/2008, Manjeshwarm
Address:Guvedappaduppu, Vokadi Panchayath, Manjeshwar, Kasaragod – 671323, Kerala

Yuvasakthi Public Library

Registration No & City: 14Hdg7505, Kamballur
Address:Ayannur Kamballur P.O. Kasaragod Dist Pin 670511, Kerala
Cause:Art & Culture

Red Star Arts And Sports Club Mundot

Registration No & City: S.No.350/1983, Madikkai
Address:Red Star Arts And Sports Club Mundot Kanhirapoil (Post) 671531, Kasaragod Dt. , Kerala
Cause:Agriculture, Art & Culture, Drinking Water, Education & Literacy, Health & Family Welfare, Human Rights

Yaksha Puthali Bombe Mane Trust

Registration No & City: 94/Iv/2015, Kasaragod
Address:Door No. Kmc Xi/240B, Near Sri Bhagavathi Temple, Pilikunje Kasaragod Village, P.O. Kasaragod, 671121, Kasaragod Taluk, Kasaragod District, Kerala
Cause:Art & Culture

Nanma Palliative Care Society Beemanady

Registration No & City: 131/10, Beemanady
Address:Nanma Palliative Care Society, Beemanady, Beemanady P O, Nileshwaram Via, Kasaragod Dist, Pin 671314, , Kerala
Cause:Health & Family Welfare

Vibrant Community Action Network

Registration No & City: Ksr/Ca/102/2019, Cherkala
Address:18/200, Cheroor P.O, Chengala, Kasaragod 671123, Kerala
Cause:Education & Literacy, Aged/Elderly, Youth Affairs

The Pavur Don Bosco Society

Registration No & City: 553/1998, Kasargod
Address:Don Bosco, Pavur P.O, Manjeshwar, Kasaragod – 671323, , Kerala

Al Madeena Education Trust

Registration No & City: 53/2017, Uppala
Address:Al Madena Education Trustpo Paivalikevia Uppalakasaragod671324, Kerala

Muhimathul Muslimin Education Centre

Registration No & City: 332/1992, Kasargod
Address:Muhimmath Nagar, Puthige (Po), Kumbla Kasaragod, 671321 Phone:04998 – 245214, 245814, Kerala

Sri Sai Seva Prathistanam

Registration No & City: 80/2007 And 105/2007, Kasaragod
Address:Daigoli, Post: Kodlamogaru Manjeshwara Taluk Kasaragod District , Kerala
Cause:Aged/Elderly, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Women’s Development & Empowerment

The Kasaragod Co-Operative Educational Society Ltd

Registration No & City: C-904, Kasaragod
Address:Reg No C – 904 Ems Aksharagramam Munnad ( Post) Chengala (Via) Kasaragod ..671541 ., Kerala

Ithihadul Islam Educational Committee

Registration No & City: Ksr/Ca/313/2019, Cheroor
Address:Ithihadul Islam Educational Committee, Cheroor Kasaragod671123, Kerala

Sarvodaya Educational And Charitable Trust

Registration No & City: 36/Iv/09, Kasaragod
Address:Bandadka, Bandadka Post, Kasaragod – 671541, Kerala

Health Line

Registration No & City: 627 Of 2001, Kasaragod
Address:Office:Mob: 9446679718 Health Line Mangad, P.O.Bare Kasaragod Dist – 671319, Kerala
Cause:Health & Family Welfare

Snehalaya Charitable Trust

Registration No & City: 33-Iv 2009-10, Kasaragod
Address:Snehalaya Charitable Trust, Pavoor Po, Manjeshwar, Kasaragod , , Kerala
Cause:Differently Abled, Education & Literacy, Aged/Elderly, Food Processing, Housing, Vocational Training

Malharu Nooril Islami Tha Aleem

Registration No & City: 125/2010, Kasaragod
Address:Malharu Nooril Isalmi Tha Aleem, Al Bukhari Compound, Bangramanjeshwar Village, Manjeshwar Po, Kasaragod – 671323, Kerala

Manimunda Educational Society

Registration No & City: 27/1979, Uppala
Address:Manimunda Educational Society Manimunda, Near Railway Station, Uppala P.O, Kasaragod Dt. , Pin: 671322, Kerala

Young Mensassociation Janakeeya Vayanasala

Registration No & City: 29/1986, Thayyeni
Address:Young Mens Association Janakeeya Vayanasala, Thayyeni, Thayyeni P O, Cherupuzha Via, Kasaragod Dist, Pin 670511, Kerala
Cause:Any Other, Any Other

M P Charitable Trust

Registration No & City: 61/2011/Iv/197/83-90, Kasaragod
Address:M.P. Tower Beach Road Kasaragodpin: 671121, Kerala
Cause:Education & Literacy, Minority Issues

Cheguvera Grandhalayam

Registration No & City: 14Kgd7441, Kasaragod
Address:Cheguvera Grandhalayam Kolikundu Vattamthatta Po Muliyar Via Kasaragod – 671542, Kerala

Novodaya Vayana Sala

Registration No & City: 14Kgd6386, Bedadka
Address:Kamalam, Bedadka Post, Chengala Via, Kasaragod, Kerala
Cause:Art & Culture

Kavilbhavan Yoga And Naturopathy Charitable Trust Nileshwar

Registration No & City: 56 / Iv / 2011, Nileshwar
Address:P.Ramachandran Chairman Kavilbhavan Yoga And Naturopathy Charitable Trust Palayi, Puthariyadukkam.Po, Nileshwar.Via, Kasaragod.Dt Pin – 671314, Kerala
Cause:Health & Family Welfare

Akg Smaraka Kalavedi

Registration No & City: 252/80, Nileshwar
Address:Reg. No.252/80, Podothuruthi, Chathamath P O, Nileshwar Via, Kasaragod, Kerala


Registration No & City: 11/2005, Kumbdaje
Address:Ballapadavu Swargeeya Narayana Upadhyaya Samsmarana Sangeetha Prathistanam (R) Ubrangala Narayaneeyam Music Campus , Ballapadavu Po: Kumbdaje €“ 671 551, Kasaragod Dist, , Kerala
Cause:Art & Culture

Bhagath Singh Library And Reading Room Gadigudde

Registration No & City: 14Kgd7002, Mulleria
Address:Bhagath Singh Library And Reading Room Gadigudde Movvar (Po) Kasaragod 671543, Kerala

Bharath Navachethana Foundation

Registration No & City: 17/04/2017, Nileshwar
Address:Sree Padmam, Ramaram Nileshwar Kasaragod, Kerala
Cause:Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Art & Culture, Civic Issues, Dalit Upliftment

Azhikodan Smaraka Arts And Sports Club

Registration No & City: 120/1985, Nileshwar
Address:Chalakadav Madikai Po Nileshwar Via Kasaragod 671314 Pin, Kerala
Cause:Art & Culture, Art & Culture

Jamia Sa Adiya Arabiya

Registration No & City: 124/1998, Kasaragod
Address:Jamia Sa – Adiya Arabiya Deli, Kalanad P O, Kasaragod, 671317 , Kerala
Cause:Agriculture, Art & Culture, Biotechnology, Children, Civic Issues, Disaster Management

K Mammunhi Hajee Memorial Charitable Trust

Registration No & City: 19/Iv/2012, Uppala
Address:Mammunhi Hajee Memorial Charitable Trust, Umerali Shihab Thangal Islamic Academy, Kokkachal Wafy College, Kayyar P.O, Uppala Via, Kasaragod, 671322, Kerala
Cause:Education & Literacy

Institute Of Applied Dermatology

Registration No & City: 09-13167, Uliyathadka
Address:Mp Xvii 779 Uliyathadka Madhur Road, Kasaragod South , Kerala
Cause:Health & Family Welfare

Al-Mujammaul Islami

Registration No & City: 295/92, Kasaragod
Address:Neelambam Trikariurtrikaripur – P.O Kasaragod – Dt , Kerala
Cause:Education & Literacy

Mother Alexia Convent

Registration No & City: 347/04/06, Nileshwar
Address:Mother Alexia Convent, Chayoth P O, Nileshwar Via, Kasaragod Dist, Pin : 671314, Kerala

The Malabar Don Bosco Society

Registration No & City: 140/1996, Kanchangad
Address:The Malabar Don Bosco Society, Chullikkara, Padimarathu(P.O), Kasaragod(Dit), 671531, Kerala
Cause:Vocational Training

Dhakeerathul Ukhra Sangaham

Registration No & City: 9/1972, Kasaragod
Address:M D Nagar, Thalangara , Kasaragod , 671122, Kerala
Cause:Any Other

Havyaka Abhydaya Charitable Trust

Registration No & City: 68/2004/Iv, Badiadka
Address:Box No. Ix, 195, Badiadka Peradala Post Kasaragod Taluk And District , Kerala