NGO in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu – 39+ NGOs List

Find the most comprehensive list of NGO in Nilgiris, situated in Tamil Nadu. Nilgiris has a 735071 population and an area 2549 km², There are more than 39+ registered NGO’s in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India. All the NGO’s here in this list are Registered in Tamil Nadu. If you find any false information in this list, please report us with NGO details. Also, If you’re a NGO worker, than you can list your NGO in Nilgiris list by filling the form by at

List of NGOs in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Little Sisters Of The Poor Coonoor

Registration No & City: 6, Nilgiris
Address:Home For The Aged Balaclava, P O Box 51, Coonoor , Coonoor, , Nilgiri (Udagamangalam), 643102, Tamilnadu

Nilgiris St Josephs Srs Society

Registration No & City: Sl.No. 3 Of 1949, Coonoor
Address:St. Joseph S Convent, Mount Road, Coonoor, Tamilnadu
Cause:Education & Literacy, Vocational Training

Canossa Society

Registration No & City: 10 Of 1989, Kotagiri
Address:Villa Fathima. 6-25,Club Road, Kotagiri-643217, The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu

Hope Trust India

Registration No & City: 13/2001, Ooty
Address:5/335, Moyar Road, Masinagudi, Dist. The Nilgiris Pin 643223, Tamilnadu

Comforter Action Mission Trust

Registration No & City: 131 Of 1996, The Nilgiris
Address:No 1267A Shalom Gardens Stanley Park Ottupattarai Post Coonoor, Tamilnadu
Cause:Education & Literacy, Children

Radhakrishnan Charitable Trust

Registration No & City: 22/2014, Udhagamandalam
Address:Radhakrishnan Charitable Trust 229F Missionary Hill Stone House-Po Udhagamandalam-643002 The Nilgiris , Tamilnadu
Cause:Children, Dalit Upliftment, Environment & Forests, Health & Family Welfare, Legal Awareness & Aid, Micro Small & Medium Enterprises

The Shola Trust

Registration No & City: Bk4 145/2008,
Address:The Sholas, 27Th Mile, Ooty Road, Gudalur, The Nilgiris, , 643211, Tamilnadu
Cause:Environment & Forests, Tribal Affairs

Keystone Foundation

Registration No & City: 1833 Of 93, Kotagiri
Address:Keystone Centre, Groves Hill Road, P.B No35. Kotagiri 643217, Nilgiris, , , Tamilnadu

Indo Sri Lankan Development Trust

Registration No & City: 298, Kotagiri
Address:Island Trust 14- 56 Club Road Kotagiri The Nilgiris 643217 , Tamilnadu
Cause:Children, Environment & Forests, Health & Family Welfare, HIV/AIDS, Housing, Micro Small & Medium Enterprises

Thulir Trust

Registration No & City: 222/2007, Gudalur
Address:No 18/210, Post Box No 20, Thottamoola, Gudalur, The Nilgiris District. , Tamilnadu
Cause:Education & Literacy

Mariakam Welfare Society

Registration No & City: 48/1982, Nilgiris
Address:St Mary S Hill Ootacamund, Tamilnadu

Jeyam Trust

Registration No & City: 198/09, Udhagamandalam
Address:4/85 Appukodu Village M.Palada-Po The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu
Cause:Environment & Forests, Micro Finance (SHGs), Vocational Training, Women’s Development & Empowerment, Youth Affairs

Malayaka Makkal Munnetra Trust

Registration No & City: Aabtm6338G/05/17-18/T-0203, Hubbathalai
Address:No.2/141 Thayagam Narikuli Pallam Hubbathalai Post Aruvankadu The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu
Cause:Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation


Registration No & City: 227-2011, Coonoor
Address:Grace Trust 139-B Ponnillam, Modelhouse, Coonoor, The Nilgiris-643101. , Tamilnadu
Cause:Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Vocational Training, Women’s Development & Empowerment

Koodu Social Educational And Rural Development Trust

Registration No & City: 96/2005, Gudalur
Address:Koodusocial Educational And Rural Development Trust. Mangamoola, Kolappally Post, Pandalur Taluk, The Nilgiris643253, Tamilnadu
Cause:Education & Literacy, Health & Family Welfare, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Women’s Development & Empowerment, Environment & Forests, Tourism

The Nilgiris Education And Research Foundation

Registration No & City: 8/2013, Udhagamandalam Ooty
Address:Door No. 11/314, Kil Kundha Village And Post, The Nilgiris – 643219, , , Tamilnadu
Cause:Agriculture, Art & Culture, Children, Differently Abled, Disaster Management, Drinking Water

Young Womens Christian Association Of Kotagiri

Registration No & City: 53/2014, Kotagiri
Address:Young Women Christian Association Post Box No.1 Kmu Compound, Mission Compound Road, Kotagiri643217, The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu
Cause:Children, HIV/AIDS, Tribal Affairs, Vocational Training, Women’s Development & Empowerment

Stfrancis Charitable Medical Trust

Registration No & City: 23/2002, Kotagiri
Address:Glen Chalet Mission Compound Kotagiri The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu

Viswa Bharati Vidyodaya Trust

Registration No & City: 41/1993, Gudalur
Address:18/528 (Old No 12/669) Thottamoola, Gudalur The Nilgiris District 643212, Tamilnadu
Cause:Education & Literacy

Grace Charitable Trust

Registration No & City: 285/2007, Udagamandalam
Address:7/20, Grace Home Masinagudi, The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu
Cause:Education & Literacy

Althea India Mission

Registration No & City: 20 Of 1996, The Nilgiris
Address:No 18 205 Marthoma Nagar Post Gudalur, Tamilnadu
Cause:Children, Education & Literacy, Women’s Development & Empowerment

Ideal Educational Trust

Registration No & City: 84/2004, Sup.No.22/2018, Gudalur
Address:T K Pet, Calicut Road, Gudalur, The Nilgiris 643212, Tamilnadu
Cause:Education & Literacy, Art & Culture, Children, Environment & Forests, Minority Issues, Science & Technology

Immanuel Fire Ministries Trust

Registration No & City: 130 Of 2009, The Nilgiris
Address:No 5/839 Valluver Nagar Ottupattarai Post Coonoor Taluk, Tamilnadu
Cause:Vocational Training, Children, Education & Literacy

Desilva Handicap Trust

Registration No & City: 199/2008, Kothagiri
Address:D No:4/164 K Sackatha Village, Aravenu Post, Kotagiri. The Nilgiris., Tamilnadu
Cause:Differently Abled

Udhagamandalam Social Service Society

Registration No & City: 14/1983, Udhagamandalam
Address:8/10 Charring Cross Udhagamandalamthe Nilgiris643 001, Tamilnadu
Cause:Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Children, Differently Abled, Disaster Management

Samaritan Gramodharan Samithy

Registration No & City: 25 Of 1991, Nilgiris
Address:12/718, Chevidipetta,Gudallur Post,Nilgiris, Tamilnadu

Care India Foundation

Registration No & City: 8 Of 2007, Nilgiris
Address:No.1/55, Horasalai Nihung Post Kotagiri 643 217, Tamilnadu

Cordite Factory Social And Cultural Committee

Registration No & City: Srg/Ooty/04/2019, The Nilgiris
Address:1140/8,Mariamman Avenue, C F Estate, Aruvankadu, Tamilnadu
Cause:Art & Culture, Children, Education & Literacy, Environment & Forests, Human Rights, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation

Zion Ministries India Trust

Registration No & City: 90 Of 1999, The Nilgiris
Address:No.12/152B Puthur Road Marthoma Nagar Gudalur643 211, Tamilnadu

Jayam Welfare Trust

Registration No & City: 42/Bk4/2018, Coonoor
Address:Door No.4/49 U, Srinagar Hig-4, Coonoor, The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu

Centre For Tribals And Rural Development Trust

Registration No & City: 74/95, Gudalur
Address:Indra Nagar, Nanthatty, Gudalur, The Nilgiris, , , Pin Code: 643 212, Tamilnadu
Cause:Tribal Affairs, Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Differently Abled, Disaster Management, Education & Literacy

Nilgiris Wynaad Tribal Welfare Society

Registration No & City: 33/1979, The Nilgiris
Address:Nilgiris Wynaad Tribal Welfare Society, Ambalamoola Post, Via Bitherkad, Pandalur Taluk, The Nilgiris , – 643240., Tamilnadu
Cause:Health & Family Welfare, Children, Tribal Affairs, Agriculture, Education & Literacy, HIV/AIDS

Divine Charitable Prison

Registration No & City: 153/2000, The Nilgiris
Address:95 1A Green Fields Ootacamund, Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu Baptist Fellowship Trust

Registration No & City: 23-03-1992, Kotagiri
Address:P. O. Box13,Kotagiri, Nilgiris, , S., Tamilnadu
Cause:Education & Literacy, Aged/Elderly, Health & Family Welfare

Al-Ameen Educational Charitable Trust

Registration No & City: 14/2013, Devala
Address:Al-Ameen Educational Charitable Trust, Devala, Gudalur, The Nilgiris, Tamilnadu

Bethesda Mission

Registration No & City: 1102 Of 2001, The Nilgiris
Address:No 1 Carolina Road Coonoor, Tamilnadu
Cause:Children, Differently Abled, Education & Literacy, Education & Literacy, Aged/Elderly

Sri Sai Trust Nilgiris

Registration No & City: 104/2006, The Nilgiris
Address:Yellanalli Post Ooty Coonoor Main Road Yellanalli The Nilgiris643243, Tamilnadu
Cause:Agriculture, Children, Differently Abled, Disaster Management, Education & Literacy, Aged/Elderly

Rural Development Organisation

Registration No & City: 6/84, Coonoor
Address:313,Gramya Bhavan, Aruvankadu- 643 202 The Nilgiris, , Tamilnadu
Cause:Children, Education & Literacy, Health & Family Welfare, Housing, Micro Finance (SHGs), Tribal Affairs

Nilgiris Adivasi Welfare Association

Registration No & City: 14/58, Kotagiri Ooty
Address:Fair Glen Annexe, Kotahall Road, Kotagiri – 643 217 The Nilgiris. Tamill Nadu., Tamilnadu
Cause:Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Agriculture, Art & Culture, Children, Education & Literacy