NGO in Golaghat, Assam – 35+ NGO’s List

Find the most comprehensive list of NGO in Golaghat, situated in Assam. Golaghat has a 1058674 population and an area 3502 km², There are more than 35+ registered NGO’s in Golaghat, Assam, India. All the NGO’s here in this list are Registered in Assam. If you find any false information in this list, please report us with NGO details Here. Also, If you’re a NGO worker, than you can list your NGO in Golaghat list by filling the form by clicking Here.

List of NGO in Golaghat, Assam

Rural Women Upliftment Association of Assam (RWUAA)

Working for– RWUAA organization dedicated working for Development of the Unprivileged, Downtrodden, Economically Backward, Schedule Tribes, Woman and Children Empowerment, Health and Family Welfare, Agriculture, and Human Resource Development.

Rural Women Upliftment Association of Assam


  • Founded– 1989
  • Phone number– +91 9864092680 and +91 9957612330
  • Address– Golaghat – Hanuman Mandir Road, Marwari Patty, P.O. Golaghat 785621, Assam, India
  • Email–
  • Website–


Working for– Hahokh organization dedicated working for Underpriveleged Rural Children, Youth, Positive alteration to the Community.

Hahokh min


  • Founded– 2019
  • Phone number– +91 7896479595
  • Address– Bhaboli Goan, Singarajan, P.O. Boruah Bamun Goan, Dergoan, Golaghat 785618, Assam, India
  • Email–
  • Website–


Registration No & City: Gola/239/C/43, Bokakhat
Address:Village Milanpur, P.O. Bokakhat, P.S Bokakhat, District Golaghat, Pin 785612, Assam

Career Care,Bokakhat

Registration No & City: Gola/239/D/57, Bokakhat
Address:Itpc Complex. Nahorjan Tiniali, , P.O. – Nahorjan Tiniali.Block : Bokakhat, Dist. – Golaghat, State : , Pin Code : 785612., Assam
Cause:Education & Literacy

The River

Registration No & City: Gola/239/C/03, Bokakhat
Address:Ward No.02, Bokakhat Dainik Bazar, P.O., Assam
Cause:Youth Affairs, Any Other, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Art & Culture

Sameeksha The Strength

Registration No & City: Gola/239/F/98, Bokakhat
Address:Sameeksha The Strength, Jatiya Vidyalay Path, Ward No.1, P.O.Bokakhat, District – Golaghat, . 785612, Assam

Bokakhat Nirman Gut

Registration No & City: Gola/239/A/25 Of 2000-2001, Golaghat
Address:Naharjan Tiniali Block :Bokakhat Distt. : Golaghat State : Pin Code : 785612 Phn. No.: 0000 – 000000, Assam
Cause:Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Agriculture, Children, Drinking Water, Education & Literacy

Global Care Foundation

Registration No & City: Gola/239/F/06, Bokakhat
Address:Vill/P.Orajabari(Bokakhat) Distgolaghat, Assam
Cause:Agriculture, Drinking Water, Education & Literacy, Environment & Forests, Food Processing, Health & Family Welfare

Dhansiri Gana Mancha

Registration No & City: Gola/239/C/05 Of 2010-2011, Golaghat
Address:Sarupathar, Golaghat, , Assam
Cause:Agriculture, Art & Culture, Children, Civic Issues, Education & Literacy, Environment & Forests

Param Organisation Of New Generation

Registration No & City: Rs/26 Of 1988-1989, Sarupathar
Address:Vill – Khanikar Gaon, Po/Ps – Sarupathar, Assam
Cause:Agriculture, Disaster Management, Education & Literacy, Environment & Forests, Sports, Women’s Development & Empowerment

Socio Economic Environment Development Society

Registration No & City: Rs/Gola/239/D/26, Golaghat
Address:Dhansiri Sarupathar District Golaghat, Assam
Cause:Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation

Jiba Kanta Gogoi Memorial Artisan Co-Operative Society Ltd

Registration No & City: G-18/23 Rd Nov./2012, Golaghat
Address:Khumtai Charili, Khumtai , Distt. – Golaghat Pin – 785619, Assam

Society For Man Power Renovation And Implementation Of Targeted Interests Sompriti

Registration No & City: Rs/Gola/239/C/44 Of, Dergaon
Address:Sompriti Near Bsnl Office Dergaon Town Ward No 8 Po Dergaon District Golaghat Pin 785614 , Assam
Cause:Aged/Elderly, Agriculture, Children, Differently Abled, Dalit Upliftment, Education & Literacy

National Institute Of Computer And Management

Registration No & City: Rs 732 Of 1994-1995, Dergaon
Address:Ward No.08, Khoundpara, Near Dergaon Telephone Exchange, P.O. Dergaon, Assam
Cause:Education & Literacy, Information & Communication Technology, Labour & Employment, New & Renewable Energy, Science & Technology, Vocational Training

Al-Kaaba Foundation

Registration No & City: Rs/Gola/239/E/31 Of 2014-2015, Guwahati
Address:Vill – Sitalpathar, P.O – Dergaon, Assam
Cause:Art & Culture, Children, Education & Literacy, Environment & Forests, Health & Family Welfare, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation

Mrinmoy Silpa Samabai Samity Ltd

Registration No & City: G-80/23Rd July/2014, Golaghat
Address:Dhodang Kumar Gaon Po Dhodang Ps Dergaon Sub Division Golaghat Dist Golaghat Pin 785618, Assam
Cause:Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Art & Culture, Education & Literacy, Information & Communication Technology

Nrityanjali Kala Kendra

Registration No & City: Gola/239/B/06 Of 2004-05, Dergaon
Address:Ward No – 7 Milanpur Po And Ps – Dergaon – 785614, Assam
Cause:Art & Culture

People And Scinece Society

Registration No & City: Gola/239/A/21, Golaghat
Address:Vill. Kahara P.O. Kaziranga National Park Dist. Golaghat , Assam

Tea Garden Balya Bikash Bhawan

Registration No & City: 478, Golaghat
Address:Koomtai Tea Estate, P.O. – Badulipar, Dist. – Golaghat Pin. – 785611, Assam
Cause:Education & Literacy, Health & Family Welfare, Women’s Development & Empowerment

Don Bosco College Society

Registration No & City: Rs/Gola/239/E/94 Of 2013/2014, Golaghat
Address:Don Bosco Campus, Dhodar Ali, Ward No. 2, Golaghat785621, Assam
Cause:Education & Literacy, Minority Issues, Tribal Affairs, Vocational Training, Women’s Development & Empowerment, Youth Affairs

Assam Baptist Convention

Registration No & City: Rs/388 Of 1989-1990, Golaghat
Address:Mission Compound, Golaghat, Assam
Cause:Education & Literacy, Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation, Vocational Training

Unity Development Society

Registration No & City: Rs/Gola/239/F/34 Of 2017, Golaghat
Address:Chungajan Po Chungajan Dist Golaghat Pin 785601, Assam
Cause:Education & Literacy

Golaghat Nirman Mahila Got Ngo

Registration No & City: Rs/Gola/239/B/25 Of 2004-2005, Golaghat
Address:Golaghat Nirman Mahila Got Ngo Vill:Bengana Khuwa, Near Railway Gate P.O. Golaghat P.S. Golaghat Dist: Golaghat, Pin: 785621, Assam
Cause:Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Aged/Elderly, Agriculture, Art & Culture, Biotechnology


Registration No & City: U80302As2019Ptc018974, Golaghat
Address:Vill – Tengrajan, , Assam

Jibonjyoti Club

Registration No & City: Rs/Gola/239/F/18, Golaghat
Address:Vill Letekujan Po Letekujan, Assam
Cause:Art & Culture, Agriculture, Education & Literacy, Health & Family Welfare, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Science & Technology

Jana Sewa Mission

Registration No & City: Rs/Gola/239/37, Golaghat
Address:H.O. Kacharihat (Bongaon) , P.O. Kacharihat , Golaghat , Dist. Golaghat , Assam

Social Development Forum Sdf

Registration No & City: Rs/Gola/239/D/02, Golaghat
Address:Ponkial Gaon, Po Doigrong, Ps, Assam
Cause:Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Art & Culture, Children, Civic Issues

Society For Environmental Education Of North East India

Registration No & City: 1044, Golaghat
Address:Main Road, Golaghat, P.O. – Golaghat, Dist – Golaghat, Assam
Cause:Environment & Forests

Ashray Golaghat

Registration No & City: Gola/239/F/58, Golaghat
Address:Bagisa Ali, Golaghat, P.O., Assam

Padmashree Dr Robin Banerjee Trust

Registration No & City: 1390/1098, Golaghat
Address:Uncle Robin Natural History Museum Padmashree Dr Robin Banerjee Trust Mission Road Golaghat 785621, Assam
Cause:Environment & Forests

Institute Of Handicraft Development

Registration No & City: Rs/Gola/239/A/38, Golaghat
Address:Vill Dhodang Laubhonga Po Dhodang Via Baruabamun Gaon Pin 785618, Assam
Cause:Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Aged/Elderly, Agriculture, Art & Culture, Biotechnology

Ekalavya Seva Sanstha

Registration No & City: Rs/Gola/239/F/08, Golaghat
Address:Ekalavya Seva Sanstha, Bengenakhowa Gaon, P.O. – Bengenakhowa, P.S., Assam

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